Started rehearsals yesterday for the UK Tour of THE SOUND OF MUSIC playing Frau Schmidt. We open next week in Peterborough and spend the Christmas season at The Lowry in Salford Manchester. More dates at

New Showreel...

Quite excited about my new showreel. It includes a clip from the new psychological thriller FLOTSAM, the film adapted from the play DANCE CLASS, my episode of LOCKED UP ABROAD: COCAINE MULE MOM (called BANGED UP ABROAD:COCAINE MULE MUM in the UK) and a short clip from the book trailer RED RISING. 

Brilliant day with Nate, Paul and Andrew!

L5Ys Company

What a fun day performing with the boys in THE LAST FIVE YEARS by Jason Robert Brown. Andrew's playing was amazing - what a tough score and no break through the entire 75 minute of lots of dots. Nate's singing was stunning as usual and Paul was his creative best directing the lot of us. Now on to find our well-deserved Aero McFlurry's...

Nate with the mirrors