Here are some excerpts of reviews of Pippa's work (click on the reviewer/publication to see full online reviews):

PERFECTLY ORDINARY - Hope Mill Theatre - 2019

My particular favourite character was ‘Eileen’, a dementia patient, played by Pippa Winslow… Winslow never faulted in her role… her mannerisms were authentic… Her rendition of ‘Absense’ was touching and poignant. - NORTH WEST END

THE EXONERATED - Hope Mill Theatre - 2019

Pippa Winslow as Sunny is particularly successful in conveying the nuances and humanity of her character on screen… - THE STAGE

Hats off to Jane Dietch for her impeccable casting, especially of Jack Kristiansen (Kerry) and Pippa Winslow (Sunny) whose portrayals are both moving and incredibly heart-wrenching, as their pain radiates from the screen to the audience. - MANCHESTER’S FINEST

Highlights of the production were Pippa Winslow’s moving performance as Sunny… VISIT MANCHESTER

It’s difficult not to feel deep sadness as Sunny (Pippa Winslow) compares life in her cell to ‘… being thrown to the bottom of a well’…so well acted that I might have believed that they real-life recollections, if not for the actors being credited in the programme. - FAIRY POWERED

The video interviews are so remarkably acted by Gary Fannin, Jack Kristiansen, Law X, Pippa Winslow and Kevin Mathurin. I literally believed they were the real interviews until I looked in the programme to find they’re actors. - SINCERELY AMY

Pippa Winslow’s performance as the good-natured hippie is exceptional, portraying her class and composure to perfection. - OPENING NIGHT

Praise must be given to Gary Fannin, Eva Fontaine, Lucy Greenway, Jack Kristiansen, Kevin Mathurin, Pippa Winslow and Law X for their amazingly subtle and believable performances that had many audience members choking back tears. - NUMBER 9

STRIKE UP THE BAND - Upstairs at the Gatehouse - 2019

Although she’s cast in the mould of Marx Brothers’ stooge Margaret Dumont, Pippa Winslow eagerly seizes the opportunity the script offers to give her rather more nous. - JEWISH RENAISSANCE

Pippa Winslow’s second husband-seeking widow is also a lot of fun. - THE STAGE

The stand out performance has to be Mrs Draper played by Pippa Winslow. She brings a welcome level of camp that is off the scale and lifts the whole production. - QUEER GURU

Pippa Winslow playing Mrs Draper was a delight! Absolutely brilliant in her characterisation of a husband-hunting widow chasing all the wrong men. - THEATRE REVIEWS

Pippa Winslow is brilliant as the mother. - NUMB BUM BLOG

Pippa Winslow, with a stunning period hair-do as Anne’s rich-husband-seeking mother, looks as though she’s stepped out of a 1920s women’s magazine advertisement. - BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

PERFECTLY ORDINARY - G-Live Bellerby Studio - 2018

Pippa Winslow thoroughly embodies the pathos and vulnerability of Eileen, her song ‘Absence’ being a highlight of Act I. - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW

Pippa Winslow’s congenial, nuanced, wholly believable and skilfully underplayed Eileen makes her debilitating condition of dementia even more devastating. - POCKET SIZE THEATRE

Eileen is portrayed with touching sensitivity by Pippa Winslow. - GUILDFORD DRAGON

Pippa Winslow as Eileen (the dementia patient) masterfully makes the heartbreaking consequences of the condition hit home. - ROCHELLE BALBOA


THE SOUND OF MUSIC - Ireland and UK Tour 2017/2018

A special mention must also be given to Pippa Winslow in the role of the Mother Abbess who receives the biggest cheer of the night for her rendition of Climb Ev’ry Mountain. - ALL EDINBURGH THEATRE

Winslow proved particularly effective as the Mother Abbess, delivering a spine-tingling rendition of Climb Ev’ry Mountain to bring Act One to a close. - EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

...Pippa Winslow as the Mother Abbess is absolutely and completely glorious... - EDINBURGH GUIDE 

With Megan Llewellan off with laryngitis the Mother Abess role went to Pippa Winslow who indeed accepted the challenge of making those operatic show stopping notes on Climb Ev’ry Mountain.  - RADIO K107  


9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL - Upstairs at the Gatehouse - 2017

OFFIES Nomination for Best Female in a Musical

BREAK A LEG Best Actress Nomination

...Pippa Winslow as Violet is a match made in musical theatre heaven. Not only does Winslow sing and dance (en pointe, too!) to an outstanding, show-stealing standard – she gives the character substance and appropriately underplays her part at times... - BREAK A LEG

...Winslow oozes cool confident capability as Violet and commands the stage... - BRITISH THEATRE.COM   

...Pippa Winslow played Violet’s biting wit with fantastic comic timing and balanced it brilliantly with her vulnerability at being wooed by new love interest Joe... - LONDON PUB THEATRES MAGAZINE  

...Pippa Winslow's Violet leads from the front with a wonderfully wry wit and poised determination... - THERE OUGHT TO BE CLOWNS

...Winslow is the undoubted star of the show as a professional who has to be twice as good as the men around her to get even half the recognition... - REMOTEGOAT

...Pippa Winslow as Violet Newstead portrays the lead protagonist with poise and confidence... - LONDON THEATRE1.COM 

...Pippa Winslow, as Violet, shines (particularly in the opening numbers)... - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW


PRURIENCE - Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall - 2017

...Amelia Atkins (played brilliantly on film by Pippa Winslow), whose stick-on face of permanent concern makes her look as if she is suffering from a really bad case of constipation. - THE GUARDIAN

...Pippa Winslow (Amelia Atkins) is fantastic at playing the face of the system in a mocking corporate video... - THE SPY IN THE STALLS



...Winslow's luxurious voice and Jerry Hall looks make her irresistible to her lovers and to us too... - GScene Magazine 

5 stars - Pippa delivers a seductive performance as Fey in this one-woman show, equally adept at singing, acting and mixology. - ESSENTIAL SURREY

5 stars - The lush range of Pippa Winslow’s voice, both technical and emotional, and her perfect feel for pace in the narrative, translated a little-known ancient myth into a tale that everyone could relate to. Effortlessly moving from spoken narrative into jazz singing and back again, Winslow held us entranced. - AND ANOTHER THING

4 stars - the hands of Pippa Winslow-the evening quickly becomes a tour de force... a show not to be missed... - REMOTE GOAT


DROPKICK - Tropic Crusade Pictures - 2016

All three performances were convincing and well executed. I particularly enjoyed Winslow's depth as the moral conscience of the piece. Her tenacity at extracting information from Haines was equal to her incredulity at the President's actions and attitude. - UK FILM REVIEW

Winslow’s performance as the First Lady is equally engaging, though intentionally understated... Winslow’s mild manner and focused intensity simmers here to great effect. - ONE FILM FAN


SOMETHING BLUE - A Joseph Johnson Film - 2016

...Pippa Winslow in particular, brings a pained, disparaging quality to a wife who’s dealing with an unspoken trauma. Winslow is excellent at conveying the most complex of emotions, just through a shift of the eyes, or sombre look into the middle distance... - UK FILM REVIEW


MAKE IT A DOUBLE - Komo, Guildford - October 2016

4 stars - Winslow’s interpretation of ‘Send in the Clowns’ (A Little Night Music), sincere and self-deprecating, is wonderfully endearing, and sharply contrasts with her humorous realisation of Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich’s cabaret song ‘Los Pinguinos’. - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW


YOU GIVE ME FEVER - THE PHAEDRA CABARET - Cafe Mila, Godalming - April 2016

4 stars - Winslow plays the character of Fey in an intimate vein throughout, and her execution of Lynch's well-paced narrative is consistently engaging... Lynch's script combines Fey's monologue with some 30 standards, several of them drawn from musical theatre, including the delightfully performed 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.' - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW

4 stars - In a one-woman show, Phaedra (Fey) played by West End actress and singer, Pippa Winslow,... (her) emotive story-telling sucks up the audience... laced with undertones of sultry, heart-throbbing blues and jazz numbers... - ESSENTIAL SURREY


TEARDROPS AND TIARAS - A Celebration of the World's Greatest Divas - Phoenix Artist Club, London - April 2016

5 stars - ...a delightful duo, Pippa Winslow and Lee Richard, plus their musical director Peter Roberts... an extremely charming and delightful journey... all engagingly performed, whether it's a song made famous by Judy Garland or Jessie J... Appropriately camp and stagey, but warm and good-humoured, I would happily sit through all of it again. - LONDON THEATRE1

...Winslow has a charm and ease that makes her instantly likeable... her choice of song demonstrates her acting skills and emotional intelligence... her crystal clear soprano bursts forth in 'This Place is Mine'... - WEST END WILMA


THE SOUND OF MUSIC - UK Tour 2015/16

5 stars -  I must also mention Pippa Winslow who breathes new life into the character of Frau Schmidt, giving her a bounce in her step, a twinkle in her eye and she was rewarded with a fair share of laughs, too. - BREAK A LEG REVIEW

5 stars -... the supporting cast are brilliant in their various guises, in particular Pippa Winslow as the housekeeper, Frau Schmidt. - CHEER THEATRE REVIEWS 

The show features many fine supporting performances but Lucy Van Gasse as Baroness Elsa and Pippa Winslow as stoic housekeeper Frau Schmidt deserve particular mention. - SW LONDONER


COUGAR THE MUSICAL - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry 2015

3 stars - ...all the sass, strident characterisation and slightly camp underlay...vigilant against lapsing into stereotype. Pippa Winslow is winsome as Lily... - THE GUARDIAN's gamely performed by its female trio... - THE TIMES

All three women (Suanne Braun, Pippa Winslow and Dawn Hope) are hugely strong actors and are extremely sassy... their characterisations are superb and they seemed to be having a great deal of fun on stage... - BROADWAY WORLD.COM

4 stars - ...Winslow's Lily is relatable for anyone who has ever felt let down by their other half and is reluctant to open their heart to anyone else... - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW

Pippa Winslow effortlessly takes us along with her on Lily's journey from desolate divorcee to courageous cougar. - THE PUBLIC REVIEWS

The trio of forty-something women is completed by glamorous, uptight mum-of-two Lily - played by American actress Pippa notch performances! - COVENTRY TELEGRAPH

...the three main characters, played by Suanne Braun, Dawn Hope and Pippa Winslow put on a top and rather emotional performance as they say 'yes' to life...brilliantly funny... - NUNEATON NEWS

...Pippa Winslow comes across as the most rounded character, as vulnerable Lily finds her way in this new world... - BUM ON A SEAT


FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS - American Composer Cabaret Series 2015

4 stars - Kander and Ebb 3 May 2015 - 'Thataway!' (Curtains) led by a charismatic performance from Pippa Winslow... - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW

4 stars - William Finn 11 March 2015 - Winslow's natural onstage charisma did her great credit in numbers ranging from 'I'm Breaking Down' (In Trousers) to 'Change' (A New Brain). - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW



5 stars - Pippa dazzled the audience from start to finish. - A YOUNGER THEATRE

5 stars - Winslow knows how to 'wow' her audience through natural ease with both comedy and song. - WEST END WILMA

Winslow is nothing short of a treasure; fabulous voice, exudes glamour, wonderfully dry sense of humour and plenty of charisma. - VIEWS FROM THE GODS

Pippa has a keen and sometimes naughty sense of humour and an irreverent view of the world which is infectious. Her warmth and honesty are enchanting; she scoops you up and carries you into her world, giving you the feeling that you are having a chat with an old friend over a cup of coffee and cake. - LONDON THEATRE1.COM

Pippa held the audience in the palm of her hand with her great humour and her natural gift of enchanting a crowd. - SURREY LIFE

Winslow has an innate ability to bring perfectly to life humorous songs and was equally at homE in realising poignant emotional numbers. - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW


FOLLIES - Yvonne Arnaud Theatre 2013

Winslow was fantastic and the best singer on the stage. Her final number was, quite simply, wonderful - USINUK.CO.UK

Pippa was a totally convincing Phyllis who turned in a performance of great emotional depth. - GET SURREY


PHANTOM - All Star Productions 2013

Pippa Winslow stole the show for me with her great voice and character. - WEST END WILMA

Pippa Winslow is undoubtedly the highlight of the evening... Watching Winslow act is an absolute joy. - VIVALAMUSICAL.CO.UK

Carlotta, played by Pippa Winslow, almost steals the show as the vain, scheming villainess... Her performance of This Place Is Mine, all dramatic facial expressions and strangled vocals is a comedy gem. - LONDON THEATRE 1

Pippa's comic talents are only bettered by her vocal-acrobatics which wouldn't have seemed out of place in the Olympics. - CHRISMATANLE.TUMBLER.COM

Winslow almost steals the show. Her performance of 'This Place is Mine' is a comedy gem. - LAST MINUTE THEATRE TICKETS

Most of the comedy stems from Andrew Rivera as Cholet and the divine diva Carlotta played by Pippa Winslow. - REMOTE GOAT

Pippa Winslow gives a crowd-pleasing turn as the villainous Carlotta. - LONDONIST


A TALE OF TWO CITIES - Charing Cross Theatre 2012

Stand-out performances come from Pippa Winslow as the perpetually pursed Miss Pross. - ONE STOP ARTS

The comic relief comes from the spinster matron Miss Pross (Pippa Winslow)... 'I Remain Unwed' had the audience giggling away. - A YOUNGER THEATRE

Snooty spinster Miss Pross (Pippa Winslow) is both frightful and amusing... just the right balance of comedy and aloofness. - BARGAIN THEATRE


DANCE CLASS - Lion and Unicorn Theatre 2012

Pippa Winslow's Eve is elegant, supple and sensuous... She retains a certain tenderness throughout... her caring and joyful spirit become cold numbness. - A YOUNGER THEATRE

Winslow and Agboke command the stage. - REMOTE GOAT


A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC - Yvonne Arnaud Theatre 2012

Desiree played superbly by Pippa Winslow... 'Send In The Clowns' deservedly got the loudest and longest applause of the night. - EAST HAMPSHIRE.ORG

Winslow was a delight to watch... voice like chocolate... artfully delivered 'Send In The Clowns' hearfelt and extremely emotional. - SARDINES MAGAZINE