Here are some excerpts of reviews of Pippa's work (click on the reviewer/publication to see full online reviews):

9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL - Upstairs at the Gatehouse - 2017

OFFIES Nomination for Best Female in a Musical

BREAK A LEG Best Actress Nomination

...Pippa Winslow as Violet is a match made in musical theatre heaven. Not only does Winslow sing and dance (en pointe, too!) to an outstanding, show-stealing standard – she gives the character substance and appropriately underplays her part at times... - BREAK A LEG

...Winslow oozes cool confident capability as Violet and commands the stage... - BRITISH THEATRE.COM   

...Pippa Winslow played Violet’s biting wit with fantastic comic timing and balanced it brilliantly with her vulnerability at being wooed by new love interest Joe... - LONDON PUB THEATRES MAGAZINE  

...Pippa Winslow's Violet leads from the front with a wonderfully wry wit and poised determination... - THERE OUGHT TO BE CLOWNS

...Winslow is the undoubted star of the show as a professional who has to be twice as good as the men around her to get even half the recognition... - REMOTEGOAT

...Pippa Winslow as Violet Newstead portrays the lead protagonist with poise and confidence... - LONDON THEATRE1.COM 

...Pippa Winslow, as Violet, shines (particularly in the opening numbers)... - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW


PRURIENCE - Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall - 2017

...Amelia Atkins (played brilliantly on film by Pippa Winslow), whose stick-on face of permanent concern makes her look as if she is suffering from a really bad case of constipation. - THE GUARDIAN

...Pippa Winslow (Amelia Atkins) is fantastic at playing the face of the system in a mocking corporate video... - THE SPY IN THE STALLS



...Winslow's luxurious voice and Jerry Hall looks make her irresistible to her lovers and to us too... - GScene Magazine 

5 stars - Pippa delivers a seductive performance as Fey in this one-woman show, equally adept at singing, acting and mixology. - ESSENTIAL SURREY

5 stars - The lush range of Pippa Winslow’s voice, both technical and emotional, and her perfect feel for pace in the narrative, translated a little-known ancient myth into a tale that everyone could relate to. Effortlessly moving from spoken narrative into jazz singing and back again, Winslow held us entranced. - AND ANOTHER THING

4 stars - the hands of Pippa Winslow-the evening quickly becomes a tour de force... a show not to be missed... - REMOTE GOAT


DROPKICK - Tropic Crusade Pictures - 2016

All three performances were convincing and well executed. I particularly enjoyed Winslow's depth as the moral conscience of the piece. Her tenacity at extracting information from Haines was equal to her incredulity at the President's actions and attitude. - UK FILM REVIEW

Winslow’s performance as the First Lady is equally engaging, though intentionally understated... Winslow’s mild manner and focused intensity simmers here to great effect. - ONE FILM FAN


SOMETHING BLUE - A Joseph Johnson Film - 2016

...Pippa Winslow in particular, brings a pained, disparaging quality to a wife who’s dealing with an unspoken trauma. Winslow is excellent at conveying the most complex of emotions, just through a shift of the eyes, or sombre look into the middle distance... - UK FILM REVIEW


MAKE IT A DOUBLE - Komo, Guildford - October 2016

4 stars - Winslow’s interpretation of ‘Send in the Clowns’ (A Little Night Music), sincere and self-deprecating, is wonderfully endearing, and sharply contrasts with her humorous realisation of Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich’s cabaret song ‘Los Pinguinos’. - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW


YOU GIVE ME FEVER - THE PHAEDRA CABARET - Cafe Mila, Godalming - April 2016

4 stars - Winslow plays the character of Fey in an intimate vein throughout, and her execution of Lynch's well-paced narrative is consistently engaging... Lynch's script combines Fey's monologue with some 30 standards, several of them drawn from musical theatre, including the delightfully performed 'Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.' - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW

4 stars - In a one-woman show, Phaedra (Fey) played by West End actress and singer, Pippa Winslow,... (her) emotive story-telling sucks up the audience... laced with undertones of sultry, heart-throbbing blues and jazz numbers... - ESSENTIAL SURREY


TEARDROPS AND TIARAS - A Celebration of the World's Greatest Divas - Phoenix Artist Club, London - April 2016

5 stars - ...a delightful duo, Pippa Winslow and Lee Richard, plus their musical director Peter Roberts... an extremely charming and delightful journey... all engagingly performed, whether it's a song made famous by Judy Garland or Jessie J... Appropriately camp and stagey, but warm and good-humoured, I would happily sit through all of it again. - LONDON THEATRE1

...Winslow has a charm and ease that makes her instantly likeable... her choice of song demonstrates her acting skills and emotional intelligence... her crystal clear soprano bursts forth in 'This Place is Mine'... - WEST END WILMA


THE SOUND OF MUSIC - UK Tour 2015/16

5 stars -  I must also mention Pippa Winslow who breathes new life into the character of Frau Schmidt, giving her a bounce in her step, a twinkle in her eye and she was rewarded with a fair share of laughs, too. - BREAK A LEG REVIEW

5 stars -... the supporting cast are brilliant in their various guises, in particular Pippa Winslow as the housekeeper, Frau Schmidt. - CHEER THEATRE REVIEWS 

The show features many fine supporting performances but Lucy Van Gasse as Baroness Elsa and Pippa Winslow as stoic housekeeper Frau Schmidt deserve particular mention. - SW LONDONER


COUGAR THE MUSICAL - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry 2015

3 stars - ...all the sass, strident characterisation and slightly camp underlay...vigilant against lapsing into stereotype. Pippa Winslow is winsome as Lily... - THE GUARDIAN's gamely performed by its female trio... - THE TIMES

All three women (Suanne Braun, Pippa Winslow and Dawn Hope) are hugely strong actors and are extremely sassy... their characterisations are superb and they seemed to be having a great deal of fun on stage... - BROADWAY WORLD.COM

4 stars - ...Winslow's Lily is relatable for anyone who has ever felt let down by their other half and is reluctant to open their heart to anyone else... - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW

Pippa Winslow effortlessly takes us along with her on Lily's journey from desolate divorcee to courageous cougar. - THE PUBLIC REVIEWS

The trio of forty-something women is completed by glamorous, uptight mum-of-two Lily - played by American actress Pippa notch performances! - COVENTRY TELEGRAPH

...the three main characters, played by Suanne Braun, Dawn Hope and Pippa Winslow put on a top and rather emotional performance as they say 'yes' to life...brilliantly funny... - NUNEATON NEWS

...Pippa Winslow comes across as the most rounded character, as vulnerable Lily finds her way in this new world... - BUM ON A SEAT


FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS - American Composer Cabaret Series 2015

4 stars - Kander and Ebb 3 May 2015 - 'Thataway!' (Curtains) led by a charismatic performance from Pippa Winslow... - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW

4 stars - William Finn 11 March 2015 - Winslow's natural onstage charisma did her great credit in numbers ranging from 'I'm Breaking Down' (In Trousers) to 'Change' (A New Brain). - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW



5 stars - Pippa dazzled the audience from start to finish. - A YOUNGER THEATRE

5 stars - Winslow knows how to 'wow' her audience through natural ease with both comedy and song. - WEST END WILMA

Winslow is nothing short of a treasure; fabulous voice, exudes glamour, wonderfully dry sense of humour and plenty of charisma. - VIEWS FROM THE GODS

Pippa has a keen and sometimes naughty sense of humour and an irreverent view of the world which is infectious. Her warmth and honesty are enchanting; she scoops you up and carries you into her world, giving you the feeling that you are having a chat with an old friend over a cup of coffee and cake. - LONDON THEATRE1.COM

Pippa held the audience in the palm of her hand with her great humour and her natural gift of enchanting a crowd. - SURREY LIFE

Winslow has an innate ability to bring perfectly to life humorous songs and was equally at homE in realising poignant emotional numbers. - MUSICAL THEATRE REVIEW


FOLLIES - Yvonne Arnaud Theatre 2013

Winslow was fantastic and the best singer on the stage. Her final number was, quite simply, wonderful - USINUK.CO.UK

Pippa was a totally convincing Phyllis who turned in a performance of great emotional depth. - GET SURREY


PHANTOM - All Star Productions 2013

Pippa Winslow stole the show for me with her great voice and character. - WEST END WILMA

Pippa Winslow is undoubtedly the highlight of the evening... Watching Winslow act is an absolute joy. - VIVALAMUSICAL.CO.UK

Carlotta, played by Pippa Winslow, almost steals the show as the vain, scheming villainess... Her performance of This Place Is Mine, all dramatic facial expressions and strangled vocals is a comedy gem. - LONDON THEATRE 1

Pippa's comic talents are only bettered by her vocal-acrobatics which wouldn't have seemed out of place in the Olympics. - CHRISMATANLE.TUMBLER.COM

Winslow almost steals the show. Her performance of 'This Place is Mine' is a comedy gem. - LAST MINUTE THEATRE TICKETS

Most of the comedy stems from Andrew Rivera as Cholet and the divine diva Carlotta played by Pippa Winslow. - REMOTE GOAT

Pippa Winslow gives a crowd-pleasing turn as the villainous Carlotta. - LONDONIST


A TALE OF TWO CITIES - Charing Cross Theatre 2012

Stand-out performances come from Pippa Winslow as the perpetually pursed Miss Pross. - ONE STOP ARTS

The comic relief comes from the spinster matron Miss Pross (Pippa Winslow)... 'I Remain Unwed' had the audience giggling away. - A YOUNGER THEATRE

Snooty spinster Miss Pross (Pippa Winslow) is both frightful and amusing... just the right balance of comedy and aloofness. - BARGAIN THEATRE


DANCE CLASS - Lion and Unicorn Theatre 2012

Pippa Winslow's Eve is elegant, supple and sensuous... She retains a certain tenderness throughout... her caring and joyful spirit become cold numbness. - A YOUNGER THEATRE

Winslow and Agboke command the stage. - REMOTE GOAT


A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC - Yvonne Arnaud Theatre 2012

Desiree played superbly by Pippa Winslow... 'Send In The Clowns' deservedly got the loudest and longest applause of the night. - EAST HAMPSHIRE.ORG

Winslow was a delight to watch... voice like chocolate... artfully delivered 'Send In The Clowns' hearfelt and extremely emotional. - SARDINES MAGAZINE